Gray Mullet Sashimi in Doripo

When you visit Doripo(Port Dori) in Haejae-myeon, Songseok-ri, you can see Hampyeong-gun, Yeonggwang-gun across Hamhaeman(Hambae Bay), which make breathtaking scenic views. Doripo is anglers' favorite spot as fish caught here are known to taste superb. Particularly gray mullet sashimi is one of the five great dishes in Muan and gourmets from neighboring regions such as Gwangju visit the port on weekends and enjoy the taste of gray mullet sashimi.

Restaurant Information

도리포숭어회 식당정보
Name Owner Address Phone No.
Doripo Bak Bokrye 838-5, Mansong-ro, Haeje-myeon, Muan-gun 82-61-454-6890
Doripohaemaji Gang Hyeonsun 841, Mansong-ro, Haeje-myeon, Muan-gun 82-61-454-3388